Bodegas Epifanio Rivera, established by the Rivera-Aparicio family, is connected to the most deep-rooted wine growing tradition in Pesquera de Duero. We have always been closely tied to the vine.

Proof of that is our more than 80-year old vineyards, our ancient underground cellar dated from the 16th Century, and the winepress known as “La cocedera”, which has been in use in the same way as it was in the 19th Century, producing family wine until this day.




  • 29/07/19

    Hosanna Peña de Arrúe pairs Art and Wine Aromas in Art Gallery Jorge Alcolea in Madrid. She tastes 2017 Erial.

  • 01/07/19

    2017 Erial has got 92 points in CIVAS Prizes organized by La Costa del Sol sommeliers. See the link. 2016 Erial TF was rated with 94 points in CIVAS Prizes and it got GOLD PRIZE. See the link

  • 25/06/19
  • 30/01/19

    2016 Erial is tasted in Catatu on-line wine shop. See the link



  • 04/03/19

    2016 Erial is tasting in Mi vino Vinum wine magazine. It's paired with pulse!!! See the link

  • 10/01/19

    2019 GOURMET GUIDE is shipped yet. We appear with 2016 Erial rated in 90 points (look at this link) and 2015 Erial TF rated in 94 points (See the tasting review). It was successfull!!!!

  • 27/12/18

    Thanks to VIVIR EL VINO magazine and CONGRATULATIONS for his 150 magazine numbers and 18 years of working in the wine world (see the link) and we are glad to counting with our 2015 Erial TF in his VIVIR EL VINO Christmas Selection Tasting (see the link)

  • 26/12/18 publish his 2016 Erial tasting. They pair it with foie cannelloni and truffle. What do you think??

  • 17/12/18

    Vivir el vino Guide has been published. It's a 365 Spanish wine selection for 2019. 2015 Erial TF appear between this selection and 2016 Erial is featured. Good News!!!. Look at the 2015 Erial TF Review.

  • 03/12/18

    Today was published the annual ABC Wine Guide. We are represented with our both wines. Erial 2016 is rated with 92 points. See the link. Erial TF 2015 is rated with 94 points. Look at the link. What a pleasure!!!

  • 12/12/18 realize a 2015 Erial TF tasting. Very professional. Look at the link. Sorry, only in spanish...

  • 09/11/18

    Today I got the spanish magazine MI VINO and review ERIAL TF 2015 in his tasting section representing to Ribera de Duero in his article "Las 4 erres del vino español" about Ribera de Duero, Rioja, Rueda y Rías Bajas Apellation wines. See the article link 

  • 17/09/18

    2015 ERIAL TF won GOLD MEDAL in the prestigious prizes ZARCILLO in the 2018 edition. High proud to us. See the gold medal

  • 10/09/18

    Gastronomic journalist Pilar Molestina paired 2016 Erial with his recipe of Crusty Chicken with Vegetables and Tarragon published in "Mujer Hoy" (Woman Today) magazine. You can see the recipe. 

  • 31/01/18

    Prestigious 2018 Repsol Guide rated 2015 Erial (see the link) with 90 points and 2014 Erial TF (see the link) with 92 points.

  • 26/01/18

    Vivir el Vino published his 2018 wine Guide with a selection of 365 wines for 2018. We appear with our both wines 2014 Erial TF and 2015 Erial!!!. See the link

  • 27/12/17

    Today was published in ABC Newpaper the article "52 quality wines to drink this New Year's Eve" signed by Juan Fernández Cuesta. We appear with 2014 Erial TF. Look at the link

  • 24/11/17

    Annual famous Wine Guide from Spanish ABC Newspaper has been published and it rated our two wines: 2015 Erial with 92 points and 2014 Erial TF with 94 points. Great!!!

  • 04/04/17

    We have News about 2017 Guide Repsol releasing. We appear published with 2014 Erial rated in 90 points (see the link) and 2013 Erial TF rated in 92 points (see the link). Congratulations to this people for the effort to tasting the good wines

  • 03/03/17

    It's been published the Gourmet Wine Magazine and gets a quality-price relationship wines article appearing 2014 Erial rated with 94/100 points. Look at the review in this link.

  • 15/12/16

    Gourmet Guide is yet dispatching the 2017 edition. They did a blind taste of all wines. Look at they say about ERIAL 14 and ERIAL TF 13. Only Spanish, sorry!!

  • 13/12/16

    Specialized Magazine "Mi vino-Vinum" published his Special Christmas tastes and ERIAL TF 2013 is there in a extraordinary review. Look at the Link

  • 05/12/16

    ABC Newspaper Wines Guide was edited. We are there with Erial 14 and Erial TF 13. Good review. Sorry, only in Spanish.

  • 22/11/16

    Today was published the wine guide "365 vinos al año" by Vivir el Vino and we have two wines in the best 365 wines. Successful. Erial TF 2013 has been rated with 94 points and Erial 2014 has 92 points. See the tasting (spanish)

  • 22/11/16

    Vivir el Vino Magazine publish 5 reasons to loving 2014 Erial. Surely you can found any other!!!! See the Article (in Spanish).

  • 03/06/16

    Today Spanish Newspaper El Mundo, inside La Posada Magazine publishs The Week Tasting article by David Schwarzwälder the 2013 Erial tasting and say Probably one of the best 2013 vintage wine from Ribera de Duero. Thank you, David. See the link

  • 13/04/16

    Ferran Centelles, El Bulli's sommelier and Spanish Wines Jancis Robinson reviewer, published his Ribera del Duero tasting. The best wine 2013 vintage is 2013 Erial with 17/20. Only 2013 Pingus has 17,5/20 but in a aside tasting. We are very happy with the News. Look at this link.

  • 08/03/16

    ERIAL TF 2012 has been prized with "GREAT GOLD MEDAL" in the Challenge CIVAS 2016. It is organized by Malaga Association Sommeliers with 35 Sommeliers from LA COSTA DE SOL as judges. Link to see the prize. It is our Pride!!!!!.Link to see the wines prized.

  • 15/01/16

    - Regional TV Magazine "SURCOS" from CYLTV asked to us for the last rain influence in our vineyards in Pesquera de Duero. Answered our Tecnical Manager BORJA RIVERA. Look at this link

  • 23/11/15

    -The "GUIA VIVIR EL VINO, 365 VINOS AL AÑO" was shipped to market today. It is an annual wine guide with a  365 Spanish Wines Selection. ERIAL TF 2012 was chosen between and rated with 94 points. Look at this link.

  • 22/11/15

    - WINE CHALLENGE 2015 CEOs' CHOICE prizes to ERIAL 2011 with the next medals: - TOP CLASSIC WINE (RED) - JUDGES' PICK, CLASSIC WINE (Look at this link) - CEOs' CHOICE (look at this link). What a honour!!!

  • 02/11/15

    -Prestigious "GUIA GOURMET 2016" has been published. It is well-known because his blind tasting. Rated to Erial 2013 with 94 points and Erial TF 2012 with 91 points. Look at the link

  • 23/10/15

    - Fernando Lázaro published this article about us in El Mundo Newspaper, inside La Posada magazine. See the link

  • 20/04/15

    - Erial 2012 review is published in WINE SPECTATOR for Thomas Matthews in his article "12 Exciting Spanish Wines". Good review and rating. See the link.

  • 02/01/15


  • 07/06/14

    Erial 2011 wins GOLD MEDAL in Selections Mondiales de vins in CANADA. Look at this link

  • 18/09/13

    ERIAL 2011 has won GOLD MEDAL in "Mundus Vini" 2013 in Germany and this vintage still isn't in the market!!!!