Hosanna Peña de Arrúe pairs Art and Wine Aromas in Art Gallery Jorge Alcolea in Madrid. She tastes 2017 Erial.


2017 Erial has got 92 points in CIVAS Prizes organized by La Costa del Sol sommeliers. See the link. 2016 Erial TF was rated with 94 points in CIVAS Prizes and it got GOLD PRIZE. See the link



2016 Erial is tasting in Mi vino Vinum wine magazine. It's paired with pulse!!! See the link


2016 Erial is tasted in Catatu on-line wine shop. See the link




2019 GOURMET GUIDE is shipped yet. We appear with 2016 Erial rated in 90 points (look at this link) and 2015 Erial TF rated in 94 points (See the tasting review). It was successfull!!!!


Thanks to VIVIR EL VINO magazine and CONGRATULATIONS for his 150 magazine numbers and 18 years of working in the wine world (see the link) and we are glad to counting with our 2015 Erial TF in his VIVIR EL VINO Christmas Selection Tasting (see the link)

26/12/18 publish his 2016 Erial tasting. They pair it with foie cannelloni and truffle. What do you think??


Vivir el vino Guide has been published. It's a 365 Spanish wine selection for 2019. 2015 Erial TF appear between this selection and 2016 Erial is featured. Good News!!!. Look at the 2015 Erial TF Review.

12/12/18 realize a 2015 Erial TF tasting. Very professional. Look at the link. Sorry, only in spanish...