Today was published the annual ABC Wine Guide. We are represented with our both wines. Erial 2016 is rated with 92 points. See the link. Erial TF 2015 is rated with 94 points. Look at the link. What a pleasure!!!


Today I got the spanish magazine MI VINO and review ERIAL TF 2015 in his tasting section representing to Ribera de Duero in his article "Las 4 erres del vino español" about Ribera de Duero, Rioja, Rueda y Rías Bajas Apellation wines. See the article link 


2015 ERIAL TF won GOLD MEDAL in the prestigious prizes ZARCILLO in the 2018 edition. High proud to us. See the gold medal


Gastronomic journalist Pilar Molestina paired 2016 Erial with his recipe of Crusty Chicken with Vegetables and Tarragon published in "Mujer Hoy" (Woman Today) magazine. You can see the recipe. 


- Is 2015 Erial Wine for lovers??? ABC Newspaper published his special Saint Valentine wines and 2015 Erial is "Wine for lovers". See the article. 


Prestigious 2018 Repsol Guide rated 2015 Erial (see the link) with 90 points and 2014 Erial TF (see the link) with 92 points.


Vivir el Vino published his 2018 wine Guide with a selection of 365 wines for 2018. We appear with our both wines 2014 Erial TF and 2015 Erial!!!. See the link


Today was published in ABC Newpaper the article "52 quality wines to drink this New Year's Eve" signed by Juan Fernández Cuesta. We appear with 2014 Erial TF. Look at the link


Today is published in Spanish ABC Newspaper the article "42 wines for this Christmas in less than 15€". Erial 2015 is between, pag. 6. Good. See the link


2014 Erial TF tasting notes published in MI VINO-VINUM magazine, "Big Wines" column, Christmas number. Great new!!! See the link